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Car Accidents We represent anyone who was injured in a car accident because of another’s fault. We recognize the physical, emotional, and financial  setback that a car crash has on victims. We represent anyone who was injured in a vehicle because of another’s fault. We aim to recover as much money as we can on behalf of our clients.

Bicycle & Motorcycle Accidents Far too often, motorists and people disregard and endanger bicyclists and motorcyclists. We advocate for injured bicyclists  and motorcyclists so that they get justice and money for their injuries.

Hit & Run Accidents Victims of hit and run accidents may be able to recover for their injuries. Many of these victims do not realize that their insurance policy might entitle them to money for their injuries. We represent victims of hit and run accidents so that they can recover money.

Pedestrian Accidents Pedestrians typically have the right away that motorists need to respect. But sometimes motorists are negligent and injure pedestrians while crossing the street. We can seek claims against negligent or reckless drivers to compensate pedestrians for their injuries.

Workers’ Compensation Claims California has particular laws protecting people who have been injured on the job. Regardless of fault, employees injured on the job can seek benefits through the workers compensation process. We can guide injured workers through the claim process so they can recover money.

Wrongful Eviction Evictions in the San Francisco Bay Area are becoming increasingly common and complicated. Landlords are increasingly ignoring basic housing laws. We represent tenants who have been wrongfully evicted to recover for their lost tenancies.

Habitability California Law provides minimum standards requiring landlords to maintain livable condition for tenants. Far too often, landlords ignore these standards. We represent tenants to enforce the habitability and maintenance laws.

Employment Law California has many laws that protect workers from harassment, termination, retaliation, and discrimination. These laws can be complicated, but we can advise workers on their rights and fight on their behalf.

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