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Bar/Nightclub Injuries

When most people go out for a day or night on the town they do not expect to run into any altercations or issues. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. This is particularly true when alcohol is consumed because the risk of injury and accidents can increase considerably.

Whether you are at a sports bar, restaurant, nightclub, or bar, the owner or manager of the establishment has a responsibility to protect its patrons. If you are injured in any of these venues you are likely entitled to compensation.

Anderson Franco has years of experience handling injuries that occur inside and near these entertainment venues.

Types of Incidents

Bar Fights –  Alcohol and night life entertainment venues can result in physical alternations. It isn’t unusual for a customer to simply be enjoying a drink when a nonsensical fight erupts.The attacks can occur by a bar patron, a bar employee, or even people who were not customers. Many times bar fights can include the use of weapons like guns, knives, beer bottles, or even furniture at the restaurant (i.e. barstools).  The fights can occur inside of the bar, in the restroom, or outside of the establishment. In our experience, these altercations can result in serious injuries, including blows to the head, concussions, broken bones, and even death.

It is the owner and operator’s responsibility to ensure that patrons are kept safe, including not overserved alcohol and providing security measures when necessary. As such, owners and operators can be held accountable when they fail to provide the proper security. Sometimes the property security measures include employing a security guard. While other times, it includes providing proper lighting or de-escalating situations. Whether a physical injury that occurs at a bar, restaurant, or nightclub results in a personal injury lawsuit depends on a host of factors — including whether the establishment breached its duties.

While “bar fights” are often the first cause of injury that comes to mind there are others that are worth noting.

Slip and Fall Accident – Premise liability claims can occur in the bathroom, restaurant, or even in front of an establishment. These claims arise when a patron is or visitor is injured because of a dangerous condition on the premises. Owners and operators have an obligation to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition when they expect visitors. Sometimes dangerous conditions can  be caused by spilled water on the floor, an tripping hazard on the ground, or an issue with the building that is improper. It is the bar or restaurant’s responsibility to ensure that the location is clean and that there are no risks of injuries. But sometimes these establishments have hazards that result in significant injuries to legs, head, or arms.

Burns – Establishes that handle hot products can occasionally be negligent and burn or injure customers. For example, hot tea served on a lazy susan can occasionally spill and injure a patron. Or even a hot coal at a hookah bar can burn a customer. Under these circumstances, the establishment — whether it be a bar, restaurant, or club — may be liable for the injuries. Often these injuries are very fact-dependent, but can nonetheless result in a civil lawsuit.

How to prove your claim

The most important part of proving your claim is collecting evidence. This can include photographs, videos, and witness testimonials. Injury victims should consider noting names, phone numbers, and email addresses of those that saw the incident or were involved. Consider reporting the incident to the owner or manager of the premises so they can document the incident. If necessary, also call the police so they can investigate and issue a criminal report. And if there is any injury call an ambulance or go to a hospital to seek medical attention. It is important to know that the longer you wait between the incident and reporting to a medical facility the more difficult it may be to prove connection between the two (but not necessarily impossible)

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