Cable Car Accidents

San Francisco’s cable cars are an iconic part of the city, famous in movies, paintings, and books. Individuals travel from all around the world to take a ride on the cable cars! They have been around for almost a century and were created to replace horse-drawn vehicles on the steep hills of San Francisco. While these cars are great for transportation and sightseeing, they can also cause accidents, just like any other vehicle on the road.

Cable Car Accidents: Risks and Injuries

Cable car accidents can result in injuries that are similar to those sustained in other large vehicle or public transportation accidents. Due to the lack of restraints (i.e. seatbelts) and proper safety gear (ie helmets), a collision can have devastating effects, causing serious injuries. The injuries can range from strains to breaks and even brain damage.

Statute of Limitations – Small amount of time to file a claim

It’s crucial to know that if you are injured in a cable car accident, in most cases, you only have six months to file a personal injury claim against public entities, such as the City and County of San Francisco or MUNI. To avoid missing out on compensation, it is essential to speak to an experienced attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Cable Car Accident Case

Anderson Franco is a Bay Area Native and has ample experience both taking cable cars as a form of transportation and helping those that have been injured in these types of public transportation accidents. Given his unique and intimate knowledge, he is a qualified attorney to help you should you or a loved one be injured in such an accident. Do not hesitate to reach out to him today.

If you are interested in learning more about cable cars, you can check out the SFMTA website on cable cars.